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NetServe Web Server is a super compact Web Server and File Sharing application for Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, and XP.

It's HTTP Web Server can serve all types of files including html, gif and jpeg, actually any files placed in your NetServe directory can be served.

New key features include Server-Side-Include (SSI) support and CGI/1.1 support giving you the choice of your prefered scripting language, including but not limited to; Perl, ASP and PHP, to create your dynamic content.

Other features include a fully integrated File Sharing application supplying a html front end to allow for directory browsing and download. A html form gives users the ability to upload up-to 5 files simultaneously to any directory.

With security in mind, NetServe features admin tools that allow you full control of how users accessing your server see the resources available, just some of the options include, Access served pages only, allow directory browsing, allow file downloading, and even allow file uploading.

And of course every action being performed on the NetServe Server is automatically logged using the NCSA common log format, so you can interrogate the logs at a later date for statistics.

Now includes a Remote Admin Console for the administration of tasks remotely, and customizable error codes to replace the standard 404s etc. This release includes the Configuration Wizard which gives beginners to the web server scene a step by step wizard to configure the most used functions.

A major new feature of NetServe Web Server is the ability to resume downloads, all popular download managers can now resume downloads of any size from the NetServe Web Server, or download only selected chunks of data to decrease on bandwidth usage.

NetServe is a fully supported application, which we are constantly improving upon, should users have suggestions for future updates please email us.

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Purchase NetServe Web Server - it's fast, and secure! Register software for just £15 (UK pounds).
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